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Starting an online newspaper or migrating from another (*ahem*) competitor's magazine-style theme? I've got some good news for you, the Good News theme is only $49.


WordPress Themes for Power Users.
The bloat stops here. No stupid options. Just clean-coded, fast-loading, good-looking themes.
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How We're Different

Think of PowerTheme products as the polar-opposite as the typical "premium" WordPress themes you see on the market today. Here's how we stand out:

For Developers

We don't cater to the casual WordPress user with endless pages of options. Each theme is developed in such a way that's ripe for your customization.

One Purchase, Unlimited Sites

Really like a certain theme? You don't have to pay us each time you use it. This is an extremely cost effective way to build your web design business.


Every single one of our themes is totally responsive, which means your site will look awesome on any device. Desktop and mobile, and everything in between.


We don't give you dropdowns of every single font available on Google Font to choose from. You won't find any color pickers in our theme options pages either.

WordPress API

Comfortable using built-in WordPress features like widgets, custom post types, and shortcodes? Then you'll feel comfortable using a PowerTheme.

Tireless Support

Each theme purchase comes with a year's worth of access to a detailed theme documentation library, support forums, and theme updates.

Standard Theme Features

  • WordPress 3.9+ compatible
  • Responsive design, from mobile to desktop
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • Passes "Theme Check" with flying colors
  • No in-theme branding
  • Many more theme-specific features
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