Here’s a bunch of frequently asked questions regarding PowerTheme. Nobody actually asked us these questions yet, but we anticipate people will, so here they are:

What is a domain name? What is web hosting? What is WordPress?

If you’re just getting started in the world of web development, you may want to read up on the very basics of setting up a self-hosted WordPress site.

Do I need to upload a “framework” theme first, before I use one of your themes?

No. All themes are standalone, parent themes. If you’d like to make modifications to your theme, we recommend making a child theme. That way, should we ever update the theme in the future, your changes would remain untouched.

Will you send internet hounds after me if I remove the “PowerTheme” link in the footer?

No. Delete it. Right now. No additional fee required. We don’t care. You should also be very wary of WordPress themes that try to restrict your freedom in such a way, especially companies that threaten to sue their own customers for such trivial “license violations.” We’d love to see how this case would play out in court.

How are your themes licensed?

Every PowerTheme product, like WordPress itself, is licensed under the GPL. And every theme download is bundled with a license.txt file that backs this up.

That means, you’re free to modify PowerTheme themes however you like. And yes, that includes removing the link back to PowerTheme.

Seriously, get rid of it. And don’t worry about us sending internet hounds after you. We have lots of incoming links already.

Do I get free support and updates included with my theme purchase until the end of time?

With your theme purchase, you get 1 year’s worth of access to your customer portal which includes theme documentation, support forums, and theme updates. You have to pay a yearly renewal fee to maintain that access.

Lame. Will my theme stop working if I don’t pay you an annual fee?

Absolutely not. Your theme will work indefinitely. There’s no mechanism we have to remotely “shut down” your theme if you no longer have an active account with us, nor would we ever even want to do that if it was possible.

Your theme is yours to use forever. If you want ongoing support and upgrades from us, you’ll need to pay a renewal fee every year. That’s all.

Do I need coding knowledge to modify the look of my theme?

Probably. If you’re not familiar with coding, read up on the WordPress Codex. HTML, CSS, jQuery, and design chops will all come in handy. Along with basic knowledge of WordPress functions.

If you don’t have time for that, and still want to customize your theme, we encourage you to seek out an expert in the field. Unfortunately, we don’t provide customization services.

We hope to provide a list of recommended developers to work with in the near future.

What exactly do you support?

We don’t support basic domain name, web hosting, or WordPress usage issues. We will assist in getting the theme to look like what is displayed on that theme’s preview site, along with default theme features outlined on the theme sales page, but most of those questions should be able to be answered by our documentation.

We encourage you to look through all theme-specific documentation, as well as doing a quick forum search, before submitting a support query.

If you find documentation unclear or incomplete, please let us know and we’ll work to rewrite it.

“How do I create a post?” is a basic WordPress usage question, for example, and not covered under our support. You can try the official WordPress.org support forums for questions like that.

“How do I do this thing that your theme sales page said I could do?” is a theme-specific question, which we’d be happy to help you out with.

What about customization?

Customization questions are not guaranteed to be supported, although if it’s something that could benefit many users of the theme, we would consider publishing a tutorial on the topic. Again, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Asking “how do I get an animated cat GIF to bounce across the page for 10 seconds on page load?” is not something that many users would benefit from.

Asking “how do I make my menu a sticky menu?” would make a valuable tutorial to not just PowerTheme users, but pretty much any website owner.

If I use a PowerTheme, will my site magically jump in the search engine rankings?

Our code is very clean, validated, and fast-loading. These on-site SEO factors (especially the fast-loading part) are looked favorably upon by search engines.

With that said, how your site ranks is determined on much more than the software that powers your site, although it can make a marginal difference. If you have terrible, spammy, auto-generated content, no WordPress theme will be able to help you.

Don’t let other premium theme companies fool you thinking otherwise. Focus on creating good content, building a good brand, and promoting yourself. That’s the best SEO advice we can give.

I like to switch themes a lot. Will it be difficult switching away from a PowerTheme?

When you’re using a basic blogging theme, switching WordPress themes is usually a breeze. When you’re using a more advanced theme that supports custom post types, custom widgets, shortcodes, and other custom features typically found in a PowerTheme, things are going to get a little more complicated.

We definitely don’t believe in “locking in,” a tactic many other commercial theme companies use to make it unneccessarily difficult to change themes in the future. It may get them some more business, but it’s not in the best interest of the customer.

This is how we make it easier.

Any custom shortcodes, post types, and widgets are included via a “helper” plugin that is bundled with the theme download. This way, when you switch themes, you keep all the custom post types, etc. If you want to get rid of all of that, you can just disable the helper plugin.

Do you provide fancy theme options area where I can customize literally every single aspect of the site without touching a line of code?

No, we believe themes should be light on options. Themes should handle the look and appearance of your site, and not much more.

If you’re interested in SEO features, Google Analytics support, or other basic things, we can point you to some very good plugins.

This also makes it easier to switch to another theme while maintaining all your SEO features, for example. See the FAQ above about our stance on “locking in” customers.

Our theme options page don’t include features like color pickers, font dropdown options featuring every single Google Font in existence, and other superfluous options. All of that customization can be much more effectively be accomplished through CSS and a child theme.

Whoa there, “hate” is a strong word, isn’t it?

All right, we do have a 30 day one-question-asked refund policy. That one question is simply, “why?”

We believe in our products, and we believe in our support. If you’re not satisfied for whatever reason, we’ll do our best to make it right. If that doesn’t work, we’ll process your refund.

Why do you only have [insert number of themes we currently sell]? That’s not enough!

Short answer: quality over quantity.

Long answer: Some theme companies are 100% based around a single theme, so one (probably really awesome) theme is enough. Although we plan on releasing more than a single theme, we also like to make sure we’re pushing out a well-made, well-tested, and well-documented products. This takes time.

We spend a lot of time unit-testing, along with creation of written and visual tutorials for each theme. By creating rock-solid themes with easy-to-follow documentation allows us to spend less time answering support queries, and more time constantly improving our product line.

Do your WordPress themes somehow transcend WordPress itself into some sort of other-wordly, indescribable platform?

No. They’re themes. They handle the appearance of your WordPress-powered website. We don’t pretend they’re anything more than that.

Are you like, making fun of your competitors with some of these FAQs? Transcending WordPress? Internet hounds? What the heck?

Yes, we totally admit we are being facetious with some of these FAQs.

Just know that, when you buy a PowerTheme, you’re not getting a load of BS included with your purchase.

Any other questions?

Please, feel free to hit us up. If a question is particularly awesome and/or asked frequently enough, it may even make it on this very page!

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